169 lakeshore drive Canandaigua

Our Canandaigua Lakeside location has three (3) available public parking lots in close proximity for your use.  The primary lot (1) in front of our tasting room is great most of the time with the exception of peak summer hours and weekends.  To avoid the crowed lot, please consider the lot next to the new high-rise hotel (2) to our east on Lakeshore Drive or the public lot on Muar Street (3) to our north.  Both are a short walk and will deliver ample hassle free parking.  These lots should also be used by tour buses after drop off.  The alternate Lakeshore lot (2) is ideal for bus drop off as well with easy turnaround and short walking access to our front entry.


499 exchange street Geneva

Besides the Exchange street and Seneca Street parking shown by green lines, there are 2 public lots immediately adjacent to our tasting room for your use.  The first lot is located directly behind our building and accessed by Franklin Street.  Walking access is an alley that runs between the buildings just 3 doors to the west of us as shown in yellow.  The other lot is accessed by Castle Street which has an alley directly across from our front door, also shown in yellow.  Twisted Rail is also an easy 5 minute walk from the Ramada and Hampton Inn.