At Twisted Rail Brewing Company we pride our selves on making, well to keep it simple, delicious beer! That said we have a wide variety of staple brews as well as a spectrum of seasonal brews that are released throughout the year. 

Staple Brews

New York State Line

The second in our State Line Series, this ale is made from 100% New York State grown products.  A medium bodied golden ale, sweet in flavor and mildly hoppy with hints of toffee and caramel.  DRINK LOCAL!  ABV :5.5 

24/7 Blonde Ale

Looking for something on the lighter side?  Introduce your taste-buds to this beautiful blonde. She will draw you in with a smooth malty sweetness that transitions through to a clean, dry finish.  Subtly hopped and full-figured – we mean flavored. You can drink this sweetheart 24/7.  ABV:  5.5

Farmhouse Ale

The recipe for Twisted Rail’s inaugural brew was created in the root cellar of an 1850’s farmhouse in Frost Town, now known as Gulick Rd. in South Bristol, NY.  True to the traditional Farmhouse style, this medium-bodied, golden ale is brewed with a Belgian Saison yeast that gives it an airy head, a citrusy-sweet nose and a spicy coriander finish.   ABV:5.5IBU:32

Twisted Steam

The ‘Steam’ beer was an early American creation, brewed widely in California and on the west coast from the mid-nineteenth century to the mid-twentieth century.  It was brewed for laborers and common folk – it even gets a mention in Jack London’s autobiography. Modern steam beer has become known as the California Common Ale.  This is our twist on an old classic.  A well-balanced blend of hops and malt produces a medium bodied amber ale with a full head and smoothness ready for a growler at the lake.  ABV: 5.8   IBU 38

50 Shades of Red

Got your attention?  These 50 shades will bring you beer lover’s bliss.  A true Irish red that is lightly malted with a double-hop blend.   If you like beer in this style, you just found your pot of gold. ABV: 5.5

Scotch Ale

Our first home brew batches were made with Scotch-soaked oak chips.  But then we found out selling it was slightly illegal; so we set out on a journey to achieve that flavor and reddish amber glow – and still stay out of jail. We still use toasted oak chips for a light, full head that greets you with a distant hint of vanilla; and a balanced, earthy finish that will keep you happy.  ABV:6.5

Oatmeal Stout

Our oatmeal stout is a full bodied stout that has an unreal smoothness from the addition of oats into the mash.  The oats not only enhance the mouth feel, but give a touch of sweetness that makes it unique among stouts. Our blend boasts a mix of three grains to make this a brewery favorite.  ABV: 6.3

Vokzal Russian Imperial Stout

Did Santa leave coal in the beer maker’s mashtun? Or is that Twisted Rail’s Russian Stout? Yup, it’s that dark.   Our first in a series of Russian-style stouts, this one starts mellow with undertones of chocolaty-espresso (as a good Stout should) and a light, creamy head.  And from there, the train never stops.  ABV: 8.5

Ale Aboard

This American style pale ale has a medium bitter flavor.  It starts with a bold hop flavor, sweet notes in the middle and finishes clean crisp.  ABV: 5.5IBU:40

Spike Driver IPA

Although not flaunting an IBU as high as last summer’s Spike Driver, we think this variation nailed it. From floral nose to sweetish finish, this one really brings it into the station.   ABV: 7.3  IBU:69